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Older Vintages

Looking back into the cellar here are a few of the wines we have tasted recently and how they are travelling.


Serrat In Review. Updated 10.06.2022

2004 : Our first release, looking remarkably young still, but has some developed beautifully, it’s rich and long, with a lovely spine of acid. Drink now.


2005: At the end of it’s peak right now at 18 years old, it’s richer and more concentrated than the 04, but has plenty to offer, lovely texture and length. Drink up.


2006: The 06 has always been a slow developer, taut and fine in it’s youth, it is still showing that there is more to offer. It’s a great vintage and this wine is a beauty. Drinking now.


2007: Not made, frost wiped out the entire crop.


2008: From a warmer than average year, it has layers of flavor and texture, fruit spectrum is now more stone fruit and melon, with a lot of toastiness now. Finish it off if have any.


2009: From donated fruit after the black Saturday fires, it’s mainly from Macedon ranges and it shows it’s cool origins, grapefruit, lime and a taut and racy finish, drink now.


2010: Not made


2011: From the cool and wet La Nina affected vintage, it’s a beauty and one of my favourite Chardonnays, citrus spice, a lovely funky note, racy long super fine. It can be enjoyed now, but will go on and on. 2016-2026


2012: Not made


2013: Still relatively wound up, but is was a slightly warmer than average vintage, so it has richness and texture and depth that means you can enjoy now, but again the mineral drive is there and it still has plenty to show now. Drink now


2014: This is a super wine, incredible taut and tightly wound, the nose is a beauty, complex grapefruit, struck match, the palate super fine and long. Potentially the best we have made. 2022-2030


2015:  This again is one of our best, still very much in it’s youth, grapefruit, nectarine, flint and struck match. Palate super fine and tight with layers of intensity, 98 points from Mr Halliday, well spotted! Coming around a little more drink now -2030


2016: We have had so much positive feed back about the 2016 Chardonnay, Nick Hildebrandt, one of Australia’s best sommeliers and restauranteurs claims it’s the best we have made and one of the best Chardonnay he has ever tasted from Australia, enough said! Now -2030


2017: 98 points from james Halliday last year, a classic vintage for Serrat. It’s still too young, keep it for a couple more please. 2025+


2018: Quite easy to enjoy right now, but as history has shown it will continue to develop and improve. Has some serious richness and can be enjoyed young now-2030


2019: Paradoxically super tight and very taut, but from a pretty warm year, lovely struck match and grapefruit pith a taut and concentrated palate, interesting to have a look now, but needs 2-3 years minimum 2025+


2020: This is still very young and intense, there is a lovely pithy feel to the palate and it is long and intense. Roscoe from the Prince Wine Store has drunk his allocation already and has emailed me constantly about how good it is and how he wants more….wait until 2025


2021: The second of the trio of La Nina’s, cool breezy aromatics, fine detailed palate, quite tight still. 2026-2030



2005: The first vintage and still a sentimental favourite in the line up. It is indeed a lovely Pinot Noir drinking at it’s peak. It is super complex and fine, with wild strawberry, forest floor and real depth. The palate is pure silk. One to sit and ponder with. Now


2006: The cooler 2006 vintage shows in the is wine, loads of red fruits and perfume, the palate fine, silky and rounded. It too is at it’s peak and should be consumed over the next few years. Now


2007: Only one barrel made from frost affected secondary fruit. It got loads of tannin and depth and is still relatively youthful. Dark fruits and a certain chewiness at the end. Now.


2008: Starting to show a degree of development, it’s red fruits, wild strawberry and forest floor. Palate still quite tight and focused, finishing long and savoury. Now


2009: From donated fruit after black Saturday, from the lower and upper Yarra Valley. Young, taut and focused, still has more to offer. Now


2010: Brightly colored and still primary in character, red fruits, cherry a hint of spice, palate is super fine and long, lovely tannins and a black cherry kick to finish. Now.


2011: The La Nina affected year, cool edged fruit, spice, red currant and a dried herbal background. The palate is remarkable well balanced and structured. One that continues to surprise. Now


2012: Not Made


2013: This wine will still take some time to fully show it’s best, it has always been the quite brooding type that need to be coaxed out of it’s shell. It hasn’t changed much. Red fruits, tight and wound up. Decant for an hour if you are drinking it now. 2024-2028


2014: An atrractive wine on release, spice and red fruits, quite perfumed, it hasn’t moved on much from this, so again, let it sit for a couple more years. It’s cooler slighter framed wine, drinking at its peak.


2015: Still a little closed and brooding at this early juncture, darkish fruit, spice and lovely depth. Palate is tight, a touch savoury but with layers of texture, silky and long, starting to really show well. Now -2030


2016: Super fragrant and perfumed the star of the tasting at a recent Yarra Valley showcase for international sommeliers. Juicy deep and powerful, many years left to it’s peak. 2026+


2017: Classic Pinot, one of our best vintages, still young and taut but with wonderfully detail and presence, still yet to unfurl. 2026+


2018: This is a wonderfully expressive wine, fragrant, detailed and so precise with it’s fruit definition. A beautifully fine and poised silky palate, keep for many many years, can be enjoyed now. Now-2030


2019: Still very primary and tightly wound tannins, super pure detailed red fruits and florals. Fine long needs more time. 2026+


2020: Primary and little evolution over the last year, red fruits, fine palate and silky finish 2025+


2021: Darkly colored and intensely concentrated, young purely fruited and detailed. It has lovely depth and intensity, one of our best. 2028-2035



2008: The warm 2008 vintage still shows it’s influence here. Black fruits, a hint of tar and spice, quite deep and brooding. Palate is rich and relatively well textured and rounded. Long, firm and a tad masculine. Now


2009: Not Made


2010: This a lovely example of what the vineyard can produce. It’s beautifully perfumed and fragrant, spice, red fruits, black fruits, pepper ad a deeply scented floral background of violets. Palate is seductively silky and super fine, this is a lovely wine right now, but will continue to give more and more. Now-2030.


2011: The cool and wet 2011 has given this wine some unique characteristics, incredibly spiced with pepper, clove, five spice with a dried herb background. Palate is medium weight and fine, silky and long. Ageing particularly well. Drink Now


2012: Not made


2013: The first in a trio of terrific vintages, we loved the 13 when released and just looks better and better each time we go back for a sneak peak. Spice, pepper, floral notes and black fruited. Firmish tannins, long, savoury and delicious. Drink Now-2030


2014: The 99 pointer. Hallidays wine of the year. What can l say, l think James Halliday put it best….…”If you think shiraz can’t attain fully ripe flavour development at 13% they should move heaven and earth to get hold of a bottle of this wine. Gloriously coloured, it has a Joseph’s coat of forest berry fruits, flashing red and black flavours, spice and cracked pepper, quality oak also contributing. The most remarkable feature is the way it refuses to let its flavours leave the mouth after you have swallowed it, introducing another level to the concept of palate length and aftertaste. It also proves the greatest wines are perfect from the first moment they are bottled, the future revealing different facets, but not impinging on their quality.”


2015: Super fragrant and lifted red and black fruits, loads of spice a lick of new oak, layers of texture and intensity, will take years to unfurl fully. Keep your hands off for a little while longer. 2024-2030


2016: Powerful and brooding, it just so generous and richly concentrated, still young, keep your hands off for a while. 2026+


2017: Fragrant, detailed a classic vintage and so fine and detailed. Can be enjoyed now, but will give plenty more when aged for another few years. Now-2030


2018: Quite spicy and exotically fruited, looked a lot like the 2015 on release, continues to sit as a very young wine, leave it for a while. 2026+


2019: Really fine and detailed red fruits, spice, blackberry and violets. Super fine and chewy palate, but with layers of silky blue fruits. 2026+


2020: showing the cool late year, black pepper and spice plenty of graphite like tannins, needs a couple of years in the cellar to show it’s best 2026+


2021: honestly one of the best the vineyard has produced, super color, incredible purity and detail, super silky tannins, extremely long. 2028-2038.


2005: The first release has developed nicely, raspberry, earthy and a touch of leather, it’s silky powerful and the long and savoury finish just pushes on and on.

Drink now.


2008:  The warmish year has influence this year, in a positive way, it loaded with a cherry pie and a hint of rhubarb, spice and dried herbs. The palate rounded, powerful and long. Drink now- 2026


2013: Layered with red and black fruits, spice, earth and leather, it has a lovely floral note and is deep and interesting. Spicy, firm tannins and plenty of structure, lots of time left in this baby. Drink now 2030


2014: Nobody put it better than James Halliday ”This takes grenache into Alice in Wonderland territory, its brilliant clarity and perfumed bouquet taking you through the looking glass into a panorama of juicy red berries of every description; tannins and acidity are there, but seemingly always on the other side of the looking glass no matter how quickly you jump back and forth.”


2015:A really interesting Grenache, so deep and spicy and intense, layers of flavor and chalky tannins, evolves in the glass beautifully, still years ahead of it. 2025+


2016: Powerful and fragrant, juicey and deliciously long and drinkable. A few years in the cellar will improve it no end. 2025+


2017: Detailed fragrant and pristine fruit. Delicious and fine. Now


2018: Loved this on release and still looks very young, spicy, fragrant with raspberry coulee aromas, delicious palate.2025+


2019: Really fine and detailed red fruits, spice, raspberry. Super fine and chewy palate, but with layers of silky red fruits. 2026+


2020: Juicy intense and silky, great to enjoy with it;;s flush of youth now, keep longer for a more complex experience. 2026+


2021: The deepest most profound Grenache we have produced, incredibly pure and fragrant, super silky powerful palate. 2025-2038


2017: The aromas are pitch perfect Nebbiolo, red fruits, rose petals and hint of spice, just so detailed and pristine, beautifully poised. The palate is seamless and fine with lovely tension between acid and tannin. Detailed, fine, pristine fruit characters and effortlessly long and poised. A ripper. Now-2030


2018: The aromas are red fruits, rose petals and hint of spice, beautifully poised.

Detailed, fine, pristine fruit characters and effortlessly long and poised.

There is a little more intensity and volume of fruit in the 2018.


2019: The aromas are red fruits, rose petals really detailed and pure.

Fine, pristine fruit characters and effortlessly long and poised. So clean and fresh just pure Nebbiolo. 2026+


2020: Rose petals and red fruits, still very young and primary fruited, tannins taut. Good with food now, cellar to release its full potential 2026


2021: The highly rated 21 vintage delivered so many good wines from the vineyard, this is our best yet. Topped a blind Nebbiolo tasting conducted by Tim White (Nebbiolo nut) last year with some of Australia’s top Nebbiolo’s